Penny Shure 

Penny is a movement therapist. She is the owner of Healing with Movement Pilates in Albany, NY where she teaches daily group and private sessions to people of all ages and fitness levels. Through keen observation and an emphasis on each person’s unique individual needs she structures a class that allows everyone to develop a strong understanding of their personal individual alignment. “Most of us think we are straight (neutral) when we are not. First we re-align by addressing the patterns of habitual movement that create our many everyday aches and pains. Then we are able to gently stretch, strengthen and re-create our movement habits. It is a process that works every time!”

Penny developed the Internal Alignment Awareness (IAA) series of safe mat work for people with osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain issues. She is a Pilates Method Alliance® certified instructor and Meeks Method osteoporosis exercise specialist. She specializes in foot health & strengthening and incorporates all of these methodologies when teaching.

As a writer for the holistic health blog of the Albany Times Union Penny hopes to empower readers with information that will help them control their wellness destiny. You can read "Skeletoning for Better Bone Health" every other Saturday. As a former National Osteoporosis Foundation Support Group Leader she started the first Teen NOF Support Group in the country which became the model for her “Million Dollar Bones” education program for teens.

She began practicing Pilates in 1999 and received her classical Pilates training from Power Pilates, NYC in 2003. Penny taught dance and creative movement for over 25 years to children and adults. She was a consumer reviewer in the evaluation of research proposals submitted to the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program sponsored by the Department of Defense in both 2009 & 2010. She served on Eli Lilly & Company’s Mobility Advisory Board. Her advocacy work has been featured in numerous publications. Most recently she had the privilege of teaching Pilates at The Meeks Method Annual Conference in Sundance, Utah @ The Sundance Resort and presenting Million Dollar Bones at the 2011 Meeks conference in Baltimore, MD. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and the mother of 2 teenage boys. Penny and her family live in Albany, NY.

Steve Cosimano

Steve began Taoist practice in 1993 with Master Mantak Chia. Since that time he has learned different energy healing practices from different teachers. His main concentration is in teaching medical and spiritual Qigong and Energy Healing Practices.

In Class you will learn general healing practices, such as Spring Forest Qigong, and individual practices to improve eyesight, bone health, revitalize the endocrine system, and reprogram the body for continued health and longevity.