New Mat Class!
Beginning Wednesday, June 18th - 7:30PM beginner class:
This class is perfect for those who are new to Pilates or need a gentle workout. Focus is on building Internal Alignment Awareness, core strength & concentration.

Penny Shure owns and operates the Healing With Movement Pilates studio located in the Albany area. Penny has a unique approach to physical and emotional well-being. Penny's approach:

  • she owns the studio and teaches her own classes
  • she views movement as a way towards general physical well being
  • she has a holistic approach to fitness and integrates physical and emotional care
  • she has a special focus on people suffering from osteoporosis
  • she believes bone health is important (and often overlooked) and that beginning young, forming good lifestyle habits, is key
  • she has a focus on skeletal alignment, and include clients' self-awareness as part of her program
  • she can connect alignment issues to a number of different symptoms and ailments
  • she has designed the Internal Alignment Awareness program to address these specific issues
  • she stresses attending to your alignment before strengthening your body
  • she is both Pilates Method Alliance and Meeks Method certified

Penny on the Web

Check out my blog entries on the Albany Times-Union's Holisitic Health blog and learn what's new! I write an entry there every other Saturday as well as here on this site. I love sharing what I learn each day with all of you. I also run a! page where you can see lots of interesting articles.

Group packages for mat classes, duet or private sessions are not refundable under any circumstances!